• Your Opinion Community

  • What is Your Opinion Community?

    Your Opinion Community is online market research survey and panel company. We are specialized in providing consumer insights via online panel services to the emerging and existing markets across the world. We bring consumers and merchandisers on the same platform. Millions of users across the globe have been sharing their views and ideas with us. we appreciate the time and effort, a respondent contributes to our surveys by rewarding them points. Our respondents can redeem their points whenever they want. There is no minimum limit for redumption.
    Visit us : https://youropinioncommunity.com

  • Who can join Your Opinion Community?

    Anyone who is above 14 years, can join our panel.

  • How much does it cost to join it?

    Joining us is free of cost for lifetime.

  • How do I join Your Opinion Community?

    If you want to join 'Your Opinion Community', please, log on to our webpage following the link www.youropinioncommunity.com and 'join us'. Enter your details and answer profile questions carefully and precisely. So that, we can send you more qualifying surveys everytime.
    Join Link: https://youropinioncommunity.com/User/UserRegistration

  • Is my personal data and privacy secure with you?

    Your information and personal data are valuable to us. Our priority is to keep it safe and secure. We don't share or sell any information and data related to you to any third party.

    We follow General Data Protection Regulation ('GDPR') to protect the personal data and privacy of European Union (EU) citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states.

  • Refer to Join

  • How can I refer a family/ friend? what is the referral link?

    you can refer a family/ friend by login to our panel. Please, go to the referral page from navigation menu, write the name and email id of your referral and click on "refer". you can copy the link to social media too and invite your family and friends to join the panel to utter their valuable opinions.

  • Do I get points for the referral?

    Yes, You will be awarded 100 bonus points when your referral will complete their first survey and whenever your referral will complete survey, 5 percent (%) points will be credited to your account. Once your referral number reaches 10, to appreciate your effort and time, we will award you extra $10.

  • Do my referrals show under me?

    yes, all your referral status will be shown.